Adam Montoya, better know by his alias SeaNanners, or simply just Nanners, is one of the inhabitants in the world of Mianite.

SeaNanners, also refered as "Nanners" or "Adam" (Ingame name: AdamMontoya), is considered to be one of the original "Minecraft YouTubers" and a master in the art of trolling. He currently enjoys uploading videos on YouTube of him playing games like Garry's Mod Murder, Prop Hunt and Hide & Seek, with other notable YouTubers.


New Beginnings ArcEdit

"The Nanners" first appeared in Episode 2 ("The Arrival Of The 'Troll'" ) as a lone wolf reeking of mischievous intent and trouble. He had his first encounter with Syndicate, who demanded that SeaNanners had to kill a Witch, which then ended catastrophically as SeaNanners gained his first two deaths. (One at the hand/sword of Syndicate)
Later on he decides to raid II_JERiiCO_II's things and, in the midst of the battle between II_JERiiCO_II and Syndicate, he somehow gets ahold of syndicate's things too, threatening to burn them in lava. Unfortunately, his attempt was in vain as Seananners drowns himself and Syndicate re-claims his loot, killing nanners again as he tries to retrive the stolen goods.

Personality & AbilitiesEdit

SeaNanners is known as eye-wateringly hilarious and outright funny. His sneaky "Cheatsy-Doodles" and mischeivious treachery gives him the reputation of a "master troll" and someone you don't mess around with. Although he is considered to be an "OG" (Original Gamer) Minecraft player in YouTube, his ability in the new version is slightly lacking as he has not played Minecraft recently.

"The Giggles"Edit

A sound which everyone who has played with SeaNanners fears, "The Giggles" signifies when SeaNanners has chosen his prey and is plotting to steal your loot, or even planning your death. He also uses this when he has just got out of a narrow situation, such as hiding when a player passes right by him .