Mianite Aftermath a series created By Twisted. Aftermath takes places right when The Pirates Take Off Into the end. This is also the Canonical reason as to why Twisted wasn't in Season 2.

Episode 1 Edit

Twisted wakes up and The Pirates Have left without him so he races to The Portal. He arrives too late, everyone has already left for Ianarea! By that time it's night so he goes to sleep. Suddenly, he is awakened by the Flyanite coming back through the portal. Inside is Lord Brokkr , a shady character that we only got to meet at the end of Season One (At the end of Season One he takes the boat so that he could escape Ianarea.) Brokkr helps Twisted up onto The Flyanite and then they discuss weapons that they would use in case they get attack once they go through the Portal. Twisted takes his own Cow Wand that he made and Brokkr takes a Diamond Sword from Twisted. Twisted then goes on to think of a team name he comes up with the Twisted Brokkrs [Bro-kers]; which he calls the best team. They then go to sleep in the middle of the night Brokkr turns the Flyanite around and gathers his belongings and then leave. He also leaves a book, which states:

Well I hope you had a good nights sleep.. I know I said I would help you and I still will but something has come up and I need to leave When you enter look for my signal. I hope you find what you looking for Oh, I may have lied about the flowers -Lord Brokkr
Twisted then steers the Flyanite into The Portal....

Episode 2 Edit

Episode 2 is coming soon......

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