Akemi Kikoku the wife World Historian and the mother of the three Gods Mianite, Ianite and Dianite and one of many new mysterious face we see In the realm of Ruxomar.

She was a world-renowned black-smith, living on a ranch with her husband, Kikoku Botan, also known in Season Two as the World Historian and Season One as, Death and the leader of The Shadows. Akemi's weapons became famous. She poured her heart and soul into the the weapons that she created for her three beloved children.

Akemi Kikoku is not to be confused with the weapon she created, which upholds her namesake, the Kikoku, a most-powerful sword that is in the hands of Jericho, later to be stolen by World Historian in the Season Two Finale.

Family tree

A family tree though without Akemi and World Historian.