Countrybat, or Alyssa is known as Sonja's counterpart in Season Two.

She was a prodigy who grew up in a small town known as Katsir, the town mysteriously burnt down overnight leaving her as the sole survivor. She was later found by Mot and raised by him. She has formed a very close bond with many of the other known characters-calling Mot daddy, Dianite, Uncle Dianite or Dia and also plays pretend with Andor and Alva. She is also confirmed Asexual by one of the writers.

When Mot met Firefox for the first time and she realized that his adopted daughter was Sonja's alternate-self, Mot asked her, "Do you cook?" She told him that she had her own garden and baked frequently. Mot told her that Alyssa loved to bake too, though she was much younger that OMGItsfirefoxx, they seemed very similar.



Mot has said that Country Bat loves to cook, as does her counterpart, Firefox.


Alyssa often makes flower bands that she gives to anyone passing through. When she gave them to the main players, they put it on, then took it off and threw it into a random chest. Though Mot always wore his, it seemed like part of his skin.