Apologies is a book written by Andor. It was given to Jordan on his fourth episode of Season Two.

Apologies by AndorEdit

Dear Sparklez, (Jordan)

I want to apologize for how things turned out in the trial.

My real intention was to enlist you and Firefoxx (Sonja) in some kind of community service, but things got out of hand. Please relay my apology to her. And please forgive Steve and Me for our rash behavior.

We haven't had much time to get to know each other. However, I would like to remedy that by sitting down with you for a chat soon.

I recall you mentioning the name Mianite. But you spoke of a world, not a god. This confounds me. In the world of Ruxomar, we have a god named Mianite. In fact, he is the only god whose name we are allowed to mention in this town. (Dagrun)

It is the law of Mianite's empire.

Although Dagrun is not officially a part of that empire, my father has adopted the law into his own policy. Like Mianite, he despises the other two Gods - especially one of them - for reasons we can get into another time.

Still, I am curious about what you know. Do you have gods in your old world of Mianite? What has brought you to Ruxomar, anyway?

Many questions. I hope we have a chance to discuss these topics soon.

While our town would appreciate your cooperation in the fair and honest handling of resources, we will also seek to understand any customs you bring from your world wich may differ from our own.

With respect,


P.S. Please don't tell my father, King Helgrind, about our conversations. You're not likely to see him, anyway.

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