Bow of Balance Stats
The Bow of Balance (also known as the fBow of Balance) is an extremely powerful shortbow crafted by Jordan out of Manyullyn and Fiery Bowstring, the bow's modifiers include 200 redstone and 1 ball of moss, requiring 2 extra modifiers. The arrows, which are made out of Manyullyn arrow heads, blaze rods and blue slime fletchings, use 144 quartz and a ball of moss, 
Many arrows

requiring 2 extra modifiers. It is named after Jordan's god Ianite and rivals the power of Tom's shortbow.

On day 23 Tom killed Jordan while at Farmer Steve's farmhouse and stole the Bow of Balance, along with declaring war. After getting most of his items back, Jordan set fire to the Temple of Legends and a silverwood tree. He then stole Grave Digger, The Wang, two Terrances, The Jugdement and a pair of Dark Boots. After returning home he tried to destroy The Judgement, The Wang, and one of the Terrances in lava, but failed. He then threw all of the items into the ocean. At the same time Tom was hiding the bow under a tree near his home.

Later Jordan recovered the bow from under the tree and had Steve soulbound it to himself, but resulting in cloning the bow. When the bow was cloned one of them became soulbound and was renamed fBow of Balance, the other stayed the way it was. The cloned bow was later destroyed.

On day 26 the Bow of Balance and all of Jordan's soulbound items were lost after he died in another dimension. Later Farmer Steve gave Jordan all the items he needed to replace the items he lost.

On day 88, Ianite switched Jordan's current arrows to a new, more powerful bunch of arrows, saying that it's linked to the balance of the world. Jordan tested his new-found bow to a iron golem, and did an astonishing 245 damage! Later, Jordan used Wag as a test subject, and was 1-hit killed with full mage armor, which proved it able to rival the power of Wag's Llama Drama

On the Mianite Season Two Finale, Jordan uses this to kill the evil quintessence sucking World Historian, thus restoring balance long enough for Dianite and the Heroes and Co. to escape.