Captain Capsize better know by as Capsize is one of the four pirates of Ianarea sent by Ianite herself. She had a relationship with Jordan (First Date: Episode 70), until she died by the hands of Furia in Dianite's Temple. Jordan initially refused to take her out on a date and treat her like a "lady", instead throwing gold in her face. She also had a short-lived relationship with Tom, as she admired his bravery and how he went against Dianite to help his friends. This sparked jealously in Jordan, which led him to ask for the S.S. Jerry in order to stop her from pursuing Tom. She later came back in the Season One finale when she was killed by her brother as she was not herself. By "not herself" it is meant that she turned into a zombie that would attack everyone in sight with an enchanted diamond sword.

Season Two Edit

Upon being reunited with Lady Ianite (Albeit the alternate world one), Jordan had asked her if she remembered anything of a "Captain Capsize" to which Ianite sadly declined.

Jordan briefly mentions her by saying, "YARRRRR, Captain Capsize... Yar, she will be missed. From...from another life." CaptainSparklez brought her up because Intuition was informing him how to private message people faster on the chat log and he replied that he preferred the /r method better. She also has a brief mention in CaptainSparklez episode 98 of Mianite Season Two, that Mot was messing around with things, trying to get Dianite to be a human again. He and Martha brought up what happend to Capsize in a way that made Jordan believe that Mot had brought Capsize to life once again, which was not the case, and then led the fandoms and Jordan into uncertainty. Martha was only using that incident to prove that bringing someone back to life wasn't a good idea and that he should only pursue his goal of bringing Ianite back.

Other Information Edit

In Season One, it can be seen that she adores pufferfish. In episode 71 of Season One, her brother, Skipper RedBeard, supplied a pufferfish and told him to give it to Capsize, saying she loves them. She also likes gold, rum, and "booty".

CaptainCapsize's real name is Katherine Delaney, as confirmed by Dec. This was later proven as false By Twisted the main writer for Season One. He stated that they don't have first names.

Her official Twitter is @Capn_Capsize