FyreUK Is a elite team of buliders. In The Realm of Mianite You may know them as the Wizards. 

Members Of The Wizards Edit

iFirez Edit




Builds Edit

Season One Edit

In season one at the FyreHQ you could pay a certain amount of diamonds for the team to create a build of the buyer's description. 25 diamonds for a small build, 50 for a medium and 100 for a large. Builds in season one included Nadeshot's castle, paid by Tom, Jerry's Tree 2.0 for Sparklez, Jericho And Firefoxx's house, the salt shaker lighthouse and the colosseum.

Season Two Edit

In Season Two, Waglington left the Wizards to join the hero's in their long running quest to get back to the Realm Of Mianite. Builds in season two created by the team included the Wizard Tower, the Wizard Tavern and the rest of the buildings in their small town.

Fan Art Edit

The wizards of Season One

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