Godly artifacts, are items that were conceived from a greater entity. These items can be anything from a weapon, piece of armor, or even just a generic item. and also places.

Mianite Edit

- Temple Of Mianite

- The Bow Of Mianite

- Mianite Sword

- Mianite's Bound

-The Blade of Trust

Dianite Edit

- Temple Of Dianite

- Dianite Bomb

- Dianite Armour

- Dianite Sword

- Key 375

- Price Of Betrayal

Ianite Edit

- Ianarea

- Temple Of Ianite

- Ianite Sugar

- The Bow Of Ianite

- Ianite Armour

- Bro Robes

- Ianite's Arrows

- Ianite's Rapier