The Realm Of Mianite is a Minecraft series created by SynHD (TheSyndicateProject/Tom) and II_JERiiCHO_II (Tucker).

There is Mianite, The God of The Overworld and Virtue.

There is also Dianite, The God of the Nether and Chaos.

Then there is Ianite, Goddess of the End, Peace and Justice. Martha took on this role in Ruxomar after her mother's passing.

Each of the gods have followers. Dianite's followers are SynHD, TheOpticNadeshot, and the Modesteps. Mianite's followers are II_JERiiCHO_II, OMGitsfirefoxx, Champwan, and CommunityMC. Ianite's only follower is CaptainSparklez, though he tends to ally more with Mianite's followers.

Season One, SyndicateEdit

Syndicate's story begins on his first day in the realm of Mianite in which he arrived with his good friend and fellow adventurer, Tucker.

Syndicate began his realm very optimistically, believing that it would be a time of great peace and friendship with some stealing on the side. However, Syndicate's hopes were crushed upon his tragic death by the hands of an enderman. Syndicate, now bitter and cold, decided to slay Tucker to even the score so that he would not have to endure the punishment that he himself created.

Upon his separation from Tucker he found a place to set up his own base which would later be known as the bridge house or as Syndicate called it, "Death Valley".

Syndicate's darkness only increased through further mockery from Tucker and Adam 'the troll' Montoya. This eventually led to him swearing his fealty to the dark lord Dianite. This would be a single domino in a huge effect that would decide the fate of Syndicate and all of Mianite.

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