The land in which all local overworld activity takes place during Mianite Season 2. It is ambiguous as to whether far away places in season 2 such as Inertia are part of Ruxomar or a different region. Ruxomar is taken to be a parallel dimensional equivalent to Mianite, with doppelgangers of the main characters and deities. This means that those deities that appear in Mianite - while given the same names - are not the same as those found in Ruxomar.

Notable PlacesEdit

Settlements and regions within or around Ruxomar that our heroes have found to be of note.

- Dagrun

- Urulu

- The Great Library of Urulu

- Dianeria

- Inertia

- The Witch Hut

- The Fortress of Fury

The StoryEdit

The Story of Ruxomar relate the history before the players's arrival.

Season Two relate the story since the players's arrival.

Characters of RuxomarEdit


- Mianite

- Sonja

- Tucker

- Lieutenant Al

- Guard Tom (At the beginning of Season two)

- King Helgrind


- Ianite

- Ianita

- Jordan

- Prince Andor

Guard Tom (After Sparklez convinced him and until he disapeared.)


- Dianite

- Tom

- Farmer Steve

- Mot


- Waglington

- CaptainSparklez

- MarthaTheMystic


- waglington

- iFirez

- BruteAlmighty

- KillerTom63

Alternate CounterpartsEdit

- Spark

- Mot

- Alyssa

- Jeriah

Other CharactersEdit

- Nvidia

- Observation Bot

- Deviser Gaines

- DG worker

- Ianita

- Intuition

- Wisdom

- BroRobes


  • For Tom : 68

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