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The Ianite Temple As Shown In The Mianite Seaon One Finale

Followed by Season Two
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In the start of the adventurous, dramatic, and comedic world of Mianite, we had two characters. Tom, and Tucker. They began worshipping different gods. Jericho worshipped Mianite, and Tom worshipped the evil god Dianite. Later in the world had came a priest. His name was Declan. He had also worshiped the god Mianite. Soon Sonja and Jordan joined, Sonja worshipping Mianite and Jordan worshipping the newcomer Ianite.

The day that Syndicate reached 100 episodes, Season One of Mianite ended with Syndicate killing his god, Ianite awakening, and everyone jumping off a cliff into the void. Also, Captain_Capsize died, and the pirates were left behind.

The Full Story Edit

This world began with an idea, a dream and a few brave souls: As the founders, Tom and Tucker, set off into this world they began to discover things unlike any they had seen back home in Minecraftia.

The first sights of this world were recorded in Tom's captain's log:

"I see it now: the new land - it's here! Rolling hills and rocky cliffs, but towering above it all, a mountain that Tucker has just informed me will be his home. The colours are more vivid here. It feels as if... As if the world of Minecraft is no longer boring. Yes, with Tucker here and such unparalleled beauty, I think I've gotten a new lease of life."

As news of the world spread more and more new companions joined the makings of this fine place. This mountainous paradise was destined to be an eternal home for all Mianites and animals. Now the question is: Who will join this world and who will rule it? Its your choice to decide! The gods are among you!

Quote from a crew member's journal: 

                 "Nadeshot and Adam are the worst Minecraft players of all time."


The First Battle  Edit

Taken from The History of Mianite: Vol. 1:

'It was a bright and rather fortuitous morning as Tom looked around for wood. Jericho was cooking up food and metals in the furnace. Suddenly, dark thoughts came to Tom's mind as he lay there in front of a tree. He contemplated whether or not to slay the young Jericho and take his loot.

Tom was a man divided: He wanted to maintain the friendship but he wanted to even the score from his previous misfortune. As Tom slowly turned making his final decision he looked through his inconceivably large pockets for things with which to slay Jericho. He settled for a wooden sword that sat in the corner of his nearly empty inventory, crept to the other side of the mound and sat; ready to attack, as his final considerations rushed through his head he began his approach slowly, with sword drawn and eyes firmly sighted on the young and helpless Jericho. Tom quickened his approach. Deviously, he gave nothing away, his sword primed and ready to pierce Jericho's body.

"Do you want these cooked porkchops?" Jericho asked, oblivious about his impending doom. Tom gave a calm reply.

"No, you can have 'em." Tom paused for a few seconds, contemplating for a moment, before diving at the poor unknowing Jericho with his sword raised high. He even gave a battle cry.


The wooden sword pierced the stunned Jericho's skin, the force of the blow sending him to the ground, breathless and shocked by what his friend had done.

Jericho could do naught but make a panicked, hoarse scream as Tom slaughtered him and left with haste. Tom outwardly regretted what he had done and did it only to even the score. A reincarnated Jericho returned to find Tom at the scene of the crime. He was less than pleased. As the day progressed they slowly made a truce and promised not to "bum rush you with a sword" again, and that they were only allowed to kill another with creative ways. Jericho did call Tom a twat and pussy several times. "You fucking twat!" There he goes again

The Great Betrayal Edit

After a successful mission in a underground maze full of dangerous spider,zombies and skeletons, the duo surfaced and planned to become a great team with a base. Tom saw the friendship and tried to seek it out by sharing the diamond and the iron with Jericho. It would have been a beautiful relationship but things went lopsided when Tom began to remove and replace the floor of their newly founded base. Syndicate looked in disdain as there lay a single piece of TNT ready to be primed and set off. He looked at Jericho who immediately knew that this was the end of what could have been a beautiful friendship full of laughter and butt-touching. Syndicate banished and kicked Jericho from the area. This led to Jericho dying by a dreadful creeper.Although Syndicate laughed at him it gave Syndicate a chance to get his diamonds back. Even then the humble Syndicate did not become angered and gave back his items and even gave him a part of his generous supply of Iron. However, will this be the end of this Duo?

The Priest, The Gods And The Rivalry Edit

One day, a priest by the name of 16BitDec or just Dec joined and started to build his house too. However, on one unfortunate day, Syndicate caught 16BitDec trying to take his horse, and decided to kill him. Although, this enraged a good god (Mianite) and he decided to punish Tom for killing his messenger the Priest. However, Tom managed to survive Mianites punishments such as a lava trap and causing gaps in Toms bridge, Mianite then left. Soon after Tucker calls upon Mianite for help but when he arrives Tucker doesn't need it any more, so Mianite says he has to sacrifice him a sheep by pushing it in lava or he will be punished and when Tucker fails Mianite, he puts him into a larva trap, killing Tucker. A couple of days later Mianite returns with gifts, the Sword of Mianite for Tucker and a Potion of Fire Resistance for Syndicate. Then an evil god appeares (Dianite) with gifts only for Tom, 10 Creeper Bombs and the Sword of Dianite and says "game on". Tom then decides to join Team Dianite team leaving Tucker on Team Mianite. This then causes a rivalry in Toms and Tuckers friendship as they are on separated teams.

Soon after, Dianite returns and asks Tom to kill Tucker by burning him in larva. He also tells Tom about Key:375 hidden in the Nether and Tom goes to find it; which he does. Although, Tom fails to kill Tucker and Dianite demands Tom to give him the Sword of Dianite and when Tom does, Dianite throws it in larva; destroying it. CommunityMC said that Dianite was only disappointed in Tom and what the Key was used for would be revealed at a later date. However, a catastrophe was on the horizon... For the fist time in many years, Mianite and Dianite confronted each other, but shortly before that took place there had been a misunderstanding. Tom had found Tuckers Sword of Mianite and was wondering whether to steal it. Overhearing this, Tucker misunderstood the situation and put TNT in Toms Base and took all his valuables and threatened to blow the base and the items up. Meanwhile, thunder began to strike... Suddenly Mianite and Dianite arrived and had a huge lightning battle in the sky; just as Tom arrived back at his base. Whilst the gods battle was raging on, Tom saw his opportunity to stop Tucker and went to confront him. Tucker, however, had gotten distracted by the gods battle and just as Dianite was killed by Mianite Tom attacked Tucker, and although he wasn't able to ignite the TNT Tucker released two of the Dianite Bombs killing himself, blowing up some of the base and destroyed all of Toms diamonds. Tom survived and collected his stuff that had been dropped by Tucker; including the Key. As for the gods, Dianite was gone for now but would return to power one day, and Mianite left saying the world was at peace once more. However, Tom could not forget what happened to his diamonds and he went on a war path to destroy Tucker. After constant fierce fights Tom took Tuckers amazing bow, but CommunityMC on behalf Mianite intervened. He told Tom to make peace and give Tucker back his bow, and when he did he Tom was given the Chestplate of Mianite as a reward and Tucker got one too. Everything was back to normal for now.

A couple of days later, Tom was framed, someone had placed Tuckers extremely valuable items (the Sword of Dianite, his amazing bow and the Chestplate of Mianite) in Toms mule to make it look like he had hidden them. As a real/fake punishment from the gods (it is unclear) someone filled Toms house up with cobblestone and some of his items had been taken. Eventually, Tucker realised Tom was innocent and they thought all the evidence pointed at Champwan as the person behind it, so they went to look for his base which they never found and later he denied it was him. After that, Tom went to located a stronghold and used it to get to the End and defeated the Ender dragon. When Tom next played, he discover Tucker had created a treasure hunt for some of his valuables and in revenge Tom made Tuckers new Mianite Temple a bit more evil for Dianite by replacing some of the quartz with netherrack. Later, he followed the three clues to get his valuables back which he eventualy completed.

SeaNanners  Edit

A snake of pure light shot through the clouds like an arrow through the air and thereafter the sacred lands of Minecraftia burned for eternity. From the charred earth a fire blazed higher than a mountain and brighter than the sun and from thus fire a great evil that would terrorise the lands until all good perished. This being took many presences in the Mianite kingdoms. Some saw him as a hero under his banner Seananners. Other fell in fear at Adam Montanya’s shadow. However all knew 1 thing, trouble was abound.

Many renowned heroes took the challenge to approach the dark lord but the devils fire tricks overwhelmed most however one brave soul, Sir Syndicate, took forth the challenge and ran the evil doer into the night. While the brave knight relished in his deeds, SeaNanner's plights had only just begun...Afterwards the one known as SeaNanner's was banished from the land from the by the mighty and noble Syndicate. He said "If I see SeaNanners again he shall be slayed where he stood.  Season One Divine Characters