Perviously Season One

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The second season of the Mianite series aired on the 31st day of January 2015. The season is the chronological sequel of Season One.

After TomJordanTucker, and Sonja took the leap of faith into the void in the Season One finale, they woke up in a jail cell in a town that they had never visited, and for some reason, Tony Modestep was there! After meeting The Priest, they realized he did not know them. They later on and met Waglington, whom knew them, but lost his magical abilities after the teleportation spell.

This season is modded using the CrackPack similar to CaptainSparklez' Ultra Modded Survival Series and included a wide range of mods such as Biomes O' Plenty, Tinkers Construct, The Morph Mod, Thaumcraft, and Hats.

This season takes place after the events of Season One, however is in a different world than the "Realm of Mianite" called Ruxomar

Story Edit

The crew woke up in a jail cell. After waking up they met Prince Andor, who introduced them to the City, and The Priest (16BitDec or CommunityMC), but he did not remember them. He told them that they were in a town named Dagrun. They were told by The Priest that they fell from a sky and broke a man's boat. Then, The Priest took them to the chapel and tells them of an old prophecy of four heroes falling from the sky and saving the land. After the grand tour, courtesy of The Priest, they were directed to explore the town on their own, and also to venture off and build a house for themselves. Later, they discovered morphing, the ability to turn into a killed entity.

They then discovered the Taint, a horrible virus that was threatening to destroy the town. The king tells all of them to make an item called "ethereal blooms" to make the taint back off. So Tom came to help. and asked the king to make wings for him. After a few moments he got them. Suddenly, the King killed Tom and stole the wings... nobody except knew this, the king was evil (He thinks) The King said he supported Mianite, which the heroes thought would be okay.

But, Mianite was actually an evil god (at least for the people who don't follow Mianite). thinking all other gods are puny and worthless. Tom and Jordan teamed up and got: The Bow of Dianite and The Bow of Balance, both powerful weapons, so all of the Mianite, Dianite, and Ianite followers are helping Farmer__Steve prove that the other gods are just as powerful, Mianite has shown his face once though. Ianite was discovered after Jordan, Sonja, Tucker , Tom and Wag ventured in the END with the coordinates of Dianite shows up right before the adventurers go to Inertia to rescue Farmer_Steve and Andor. He gives everyone an overpowered weapon to break into the jail.