"Just searing pain, bright light and a man screaming in despair. Then black" a short part of the book (Our Awakening by Waglington).

The Wizards or The Constructers there are also known as FyreUK out side of the World of Mianite there are very high class builders and they can build The Sky People a build but it comes with a price of diamonds. They were introduced in the episode THE WIZARDS ARE AMAZING (Ep. 41) of Jordan's Pov. Later In Season Two Wag left the Wizards but is still know as The Wizard. Has left because Tom wanted him to be part of The Main Crew or Sky People

The Wizards Edit

- Phil "BruteAlmighty" Southam

- Tom "Killertom63" Beer

- Matthew "iFirez" Needler

- James "Waglington" Hayes

Books Edit

- Our Awakening

- The Cathedral of Athar

- The Sandlord

- Offical Wizard

- Invite To FyreHQ


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