Each Hero's or Players has had their fair share of unique weapons. Not items given to them by their God they are Godly Artifacts

Tom Edit

- Oathbreaker: A diamond sword enchanted by Tom in the first season. It had the maximum vanilla level of the sharpness, knockback, unbreaking, and fire aspect enchantments, making it one of the most formidable weapons in the realm.

- The Shlongsword: A custom Longsword made by Tom which had a special ability of pouncing or jump. He used it for escaping by "YOLOing" it. Tom often calls it a rapier but it's a Longsword. Since it was soulbound, after being killed by Ianite (In season 2 episode 34, as seen above), it was erased from the world.

- The Judgement: A sword made by Tom. He named it The Judgement to judge its kills. It was stolen on day 23 by Jordan and thrown into the ocean.

- VIII: A Steel Cleaver made to replace The Judgement (See 4). It has Beheading VI on it. It is primarily used to obtain wither skulls..

- Co-Wang: One of many Wangs made by Tom

Jordan Edit

- The Bow Of Justice

- The Bow Of Balance

- R.I.P in Pieces

- Andor's Revenge

Pivot of Balance

Price of Betrayal: It was lost in episode 89 when his chat told him to put an   anti-personnel module in to his force field.


Tucker Edit

  • Kikoku
  • Bound Armour

Sonja Edit

- Tucker BOW-ner: Named after Tucker, her ex-boyfriend

- The Booty Toucher - A mithril battle-axe.

- The Toof Of Troof - A black steel rapier which Tucker could not handle.

- Dirty Little Node Sucker - A greatwood wand named after it's owner's proclivity for sucking thaumcraft nodes.

- The Staff Of Booty Touching - A thaumium staff created to be her primary thaumncraft casting tool.

Wag Edit