Champwan's Village is a settlement located in the realm of Mianite. It is created by Ryley "Champwan" Wan to be a home to villagers. The village was built in an open savanna behind The Priest's Temple and the mountain holding Tom's first house and the Dianite head. For a while, Champwan had his chests here. He also partially built a house inside, but took it down. Declan also had a very small "melon palace" here, which was taken down by Champwan.

The village consists of a circular stone brick wall with a platform on top, and is lit by netherrack fires. There is a piston door entrance which leads to a bridge over a small river, a "marketplace", villager houses, a horse stable, animal farms, and wheat, carrot, and potato farms. The animal farms were commonly used, so animals escaped and/or were all slaughtered many times. There are also automatic nightlights.