Season One Edit

No official currency was set in Season One, but the wizards decided that the players must pay in Diamonds if they were to build commissions.

Season Two Edit

There was no official currency in season 2. Ruxomar seemed to rely primarily on trade and barter instead of a steadfast unified system of money. Most of the characters also bets to aid in the transferring of wealth and material goods, just as they did in Season 1. The Wizards initially had plans to use Manyullyn blocks as a form of currency. Members of the Realm of Mianite could commission works from the Wizards in exchange for the Manyullyn. Manyullyn was settled on as a currency due to it being a labor-intensive project to produce the purple blocks. Blocks of Manyullyn also had a distinct American dollar sign embedded on them. These commissions were few in number - notable examples include helping renovate Sparkelz' Fortress of Fury and making Syndicate's small town outside his giant tree. Ultimately, the Wizards did not build in the second season as much as they did in the first season. In addition to a buildteam specifically for plot and story-driven purposes (see Blockworks), the Wizards were also more focused on their own town they were building and their own story of focused on recapturing their magic.
Block of Manyullyn (Tinkers' Construct)