Declan "Dec" Pitts, better know by his aliases 16bitDecCommunityMCThe Priest, and #BlameDec.

Season 1 Edit

Dec is one of the inhabitants and the priest of the god Mianite. Declan spent time controlling the gods, the story, and commands.

It was originally only him and Champwan playing the gods but he hired the Hyperion Team along with Twisted and User for the story and builds. Twisted and User were kicked after Season 1 and their story can be found in these tweets: Part 1 and Part 2

He lived in a fotress by the mountains. He called his home Mount Zhulu

Season 2 Edit

He appears in Season Two, but is an alternate to the Season 1 Dec and has golden wings and can use them to fly. He claims he has no knowledge of the heroes but still breaks character often to play with them. He knows about the gods  and gave the heroes a tour when they woke up from their fall.

He also told the heroes about the first Season 2 Purge.

After his vacation he logged on to Mianite to find out that Tom took up residence and stole some wood and his Ender sword. So as a gift and apology Tom gave Dec an angel ring and a admantite cleaver.

In Season Two he does the same thing for the most part. But this time he is more active like the main streamers.

After the Dagrun town was destroyed, Dec built his home in the mountains between Tucker's and Jordan's houses.

In Season Two Dec brought in the Block Works team.

Declan 1

Fan-art of Dec's regular skin ands his purge skin.