Deviser Gaines is Mianite's right hand man in Season Two. He is responsible for the creation of the Observation Bots, under orders from Mianite to spy on the "Sky travelers" and the wizard.(Jordan, Tucker, Sonja, Tom and Waglington). While he describes the heroes as "falling from the sky" he knows fully well that they originally came from another world via the portal (Void), much to his surprise. He originally thought that he was the only person to have fallen through the void and ended up being transported into the world known as Ruxomar, which makes him the only other person to pass through the void besides the heroes and their alternate world counterparts as of right now.

Accidental First Appearance Edit

On May 4, 2015, Deviser_Gaines, who was playing DG_Worker, appeared before Jordan in his regular skin by accident. Jordan told the Deviser, who quickly changed, and said, "Nothing to see here". Previously, he appeared in his skin on the side of Jordan's vision before changing into Observation Bot. However, Jordan didn't seem to notice.

Official Appearance Edit

Deviser Gaines

His first appearance in Season 2.

Deviser Gaines made his official appearance when the group was brought in to tour the headquarters. During the tour, it was revealed that he was the right hand man of Mianite, and that DG_Worker was a loyal subordinate of Gaines. The Deviser revealed that the Observation Bot that was killed by Tucker was in fact a bot he mistakenly left his goggles on, implying that there are more observation bots out there. After this occasion, he frequently appeared to accompany the group and assist, often with Jordan's reactor.

Abilities Edit

It is said in one of the books read by Jordan that the Deviser is capable of resurrecting the dead. This has caused Mianite to view the Deviser as a valuable asset and has thus kept him heavily secured in a special fortress referred to as the "Deviser's Complex". The Deviser also appears to be very intellectual.

Finale Edit

In the Season 2 Finale, the Deviser helped them open a portal at Mianite's Outpost, and followed them in.