Dianite's Shortbow
Tom's Slime arrows

Dianite's Shortbow was an extremely powerful bow created by Dianite in Season Two. The bow is able to one-shot almost all ordinary mobs with it's Power V enchantment and its Sharpness arrows. It is almost one of the quickest bows in the realm with Quick-Draw II. The bow is forged by combining 2 ardite bow limbs with a fiery bowstring. The modifiers added to the bow include 200 redstone and a ball of moss, which would require 2 extra modifiers. The Slime arrows are made from 1 slime arrow head, 1 wooden tool rod and 1 feather fletching, the modifiers including 192 quartz and a ball of moss, this totals up to 2 extra modifiers being needed. The bow was given by Farmer Steve to Syndicate as payment for an error in trade of wither skulls.