Dianite Armor Edit

The Dianite armor was a legendary set of armor gifted to Tom from Dianite. The armor was soon taken by Nadeshot once. Later on, it was taken in the 4th purge along with the Dianite sword by Jordan when they killed each other in Jordan's House. He later gave it back to Tom.

Backstory Edit

Tom had to complete a maze filled with cobwebs in the Dianite Temple. The majestic armor had failed to come out of the dispenser, so Tom called Dianite. He appeared before Tom, giving him the armor.

Limitations Edit

Whilst having many benefits, making it better than normal diamond armor, it gives the wearer unlimited slowness, but gives the wearer complete fire resistance (it is unknown whether it gives the wearer an actual health boost, or just the armor boost)

Armor Pieces Edit

The pieces of armor include Dianite's Helm, Dianite's Chestplate, Dianite's Leggings, and Dianite's Boots. They all are enchanted with Protection IV and Unbreaking IV. The Helm was often not used, since the slowness III from a full set was unwanted.

Although the Dianite Armor was thought of as the best armor, Champwan actually made a set earlier by himself for the war that was better. Each piece had Unbreaking III, Protection IV, and Thorns III. The boots also had Feather Falling IV, and the helmet had Respiration III.