Dianite Temple 1
The Dianite Temple is a huge temple located in the nether, built by the Hyperion Build Team. It is made of stone bricks, nether bricks, quartz blocks, and some cobblestone.
Dianite Temple 6

Sparklez taking a look at the Altar inside the Dianite Temple

From the outside, it looks like a fortress. The inside of it, unlike the Temple of Mianite has lava flowing, the "Leap 'O' Faith" which you can reach through a parkour challenge, the "Table of Justice", the throne of Dianite, and underneath it an altar for the Dianite followers to pray.

Plot Edit

Dianite Temple 9

Syndicate trying to accomplish the parkour challenge

The Dianite Temple appeared on Purge Day. Tucker, Sonja, and Jordan went to see the Dianite Temple. They meet Dianite there, who told them that he had something for them, but they have to search for it.

The way to the "Leap 'O' Faith" was a parkour challenge which required a speed potion. Tucker, Sonja, and Jordan all give up on it. Cronus didn't get very far, and Champwan couldn't make it pass the flowing lava.

Dianite Temple 10

Syndicate reaching the reward chest after being teleported past the parkour

Later, Tom finally reached the Dianite Temple and tried to finish the parkour challenge. He wasn't able to get any farther than the flowing lava, so Dianite used his power and teleported him to the end. There, Tom finds a chest with the Sword of Dianite inside, which was given to him by Dianite.

Tucker was able to find his way to the Dianite Treasure near the Dianite Temple. He needed a fire resistance potion, so he made his way back. Jordan was able to reach the treasure without potions first, though.

Dianite Temple 8

Sparklez finding at the treasures of Dianite

He found a notch apple called "Dianite Treasures" along with some diamond, emerald, gold, and redstone blocks. He didn't have a pickaxe that could mine the blocks with him, so Dianite gave him a diamond pickaxe and told him that it was free treasure. However, a hidden redstone circuit triggered when the diamond block was mined, dumping lava on Sparklez. Though he survived his initial dunking, when he tried to escape, he touched it again and ended up burning to death.

Dianite Temple 11

Syndicate solving the maze puzzle

The next day, Tom found a maze puzzle in the Dianite Temple. After a while, he was able to solve the puzzle, and was given the Armor of Dianite by Dianite. They had Protection IV and Unbreaking IV on all of the pieces, along with fire resistance and slowness while wearing the full set .

the priest showing a secret passage that is still under construction

Incoming secrets Edit


Champwan looking at the statue

While exploring the Dianite Temple, or as he called it, "Dianite's Mansion", Champwan noticed a dragon head statue, with a open mouth. When he entered his mouth, he found a sign written on it: "NO ENTRY", colored in red.

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