Season One Edit

Firefoxx's Season One house was located in the side of a mountain in the realm of Mianite that was home to Sonja, multiple Borris's, over five horses, and her small chicken farm located down a staircase outside of her house. The house was made out of acacia wood logs, glass, stone and quartz. Later in the season, she moved in with her now-ex-boyfriend, Tucker in his house.

Season Two Edit

Sonja lived in the same spot in the Season Two realm the entire Season, though it has had a many modifications and evolutions throughout the season. She built her original house in the second episode out of eucalyptus wood which was a pink color. She found the wood when she chopped down the first tree that she could find and was astonished to find that it was pink. She then constructed a door out of the wood and was amazed at the heart shaped-window cut out of the window.

That's when it got it's nickname, "The Such Cute OMG House". Though the Main Players have been using the Phrase, "Such Cute OMG" many times before. Later that day, a message popped up in the chat saying, "The Blood Moon is Rising." Well... let's just say...RIP everyone and the pink house...

When the blood moom was over, Sonja re-built her house and kept building throughout the series until it was huge - especially the basement where she had all of her Thaumcraft stuff (which took up at least four rooms), for a while she had her ME system down there, her restaurant "Foodie Touches", a spa, beds, a pet area which housed many pets throughout the season, and much, much more.

A Little Help From Some Friends Edit

Later on, Farmer Steve added a few things to make it even better. He added an attic, which had two rooms and were connected by an outdoor "hallway" of sorts. In one room was a typewriter and books and in the other had a painting maker. Therefore, she attempted to make a painting of "lil' toof" but failed...

Also, Intuition build Sonja a giant, secret, new Thaumcraft room in her basement.

Grand Theft House Edit

One day Wag and Tucker were on some of Wag's famous drugs and together, they decided to gather many balloons and attach them to Firefoxx's house. They prepared for lift-off many times before they finally got it to fly. Most of the issues were not enough balloons, but finally they realized that the house was attached to the ground #FacePalm. They then detached the house from Sonja's basement and took off. Sonja returned form wherever to see the two driving her house around in the sky. Sonja wasn't too happy about the situation though she did chuckle. Wag and Tucker then reattached the house to it's basement and took off the balloons.


Fan art of Firefox.