The Wizard's Castle, also known as the FyreHQ, is the headquarters of The Contractors and where the inhabitants of the world of Mianite can request a build and pay for it.
The land of the wizards 4
It is a huge Castle, on an island separate from the main land, however its entrance is on the main land, and the wizards made a path that begins at Ianite's Scale of Justice.

It's mostly made of stone bricks, with wood detail. A bridge also made of stone bricks and wood detail connects it to the mainland.

Outside, there is a massive magical tree, surrounded by different types of flowers .

Inside, there are three separate paths, two of which are still under construction.

To the right (which is still under construction), a library houses a challenge for the Mianitees, including a maze and parkour challenge, before being rewarded and returned to the entrance to the castle.

Straight ahead is the throne-like room, where the inhabitants of the world of Mianite ask for a build, by takin a book and quill, writing down the specifics of what they desire, signing it, and dropping it into the hopper, followed by their chosen payment, depending on how large and elaborate they want the build to be.


Season 2 Wizard's Tower.


Small build: 10 Diamonds

Medium build: 25 Diamonds

Large build: 50 Diamonds

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