Season One Edit

Furia was Dianite's highest-ranking (non-human) enforcer and defender of Dianite's Temple during Season One.

Furia's first official appearance was at the tomb of Ianite's Heart, which he was assigned to him to defend. Furia then made numerous attempts to kill the Four Heroes and prevent Ianite's return in the name of Dianite.  

He captured Captain Capsize, which later resulted in her death

Towards the end of the season, Furia turned his back on Team Dianite, and made it his plan to overthrow his master and become the new God of Chaos. He followed the Sky People and The Pirates to Ianarea, where he made yet another attempt to kill them. This was his last attempt, as he was slain by a combined effort from all of the heroes, Jordan, Tucker, Sonja, and Tom.  

Fun Fact Edit

Some have theorized that he was the Minion originally assigned by Mianite to escort CaptainSparklez from his home-territory to the Land of Mianite. However, Furia does not exist. He is an idea. Dianite is able to create entities that can do as he wants. Furia does not exist. He is not really a person and cannot die

Greek Mythology Edit

According to Greek Mythology, there are 3 furies that serve the god Hades. Guardian_Furia could be modeled after the Furies. They both have similar names and Furia serves Dianite who is created after Hades.

Season Two  Edit

Furia made a minor appearance in season 2 during the conversation that the Spirit of Dianite and the Dragon of Urulu were having. He had approached them from behind through the main entrance of the dragon's lair near the cascading lava. However, this was only an NPC with Furia's skin attached to it, much to everyone's disappointment. CaptainSparklez was the first to notice it approach them. Waglington was the one who had slain this NPC immediately after it had appeared.