Horses in Season OneEdit

Tom's HorsesEdit

  • Noodleshoots: Noodleshoots was originally Nadeshot's horse, but somehow got into Tom's hands. Nooleshoots' death is unknown.
  • Skeletor: Skeletor was a Skeleton Horse that was gifted to Tom by his god, Dianite.
  • Constantine: Constantine was a white horse that died when Tom ran it into a cactus. Syndicate then put a chest next to the cactus with the horse's leather and saddle and put up a sign that said:

One day Tucker was chasing Jordan and suddenly Tucker lost him. Though Sparklez kept running-not knowing that Jericho had lost him-when he past the cactus that had slain Tom's old horse from months before, he read the sign out loud, Tucker heard him. Tucker then replied, "Well thanks for telling me where you are!" and the chase continued.



-Comply or Die

Champwan's HorsesEdit

-Athena: Champwan had just decided to name this white horse when it was stolen.

-Kurio Tunshi: Champwan's horse, Kurio Tunshi lived in the stables until Tom Stole it and was blown up by a creeper.

-Frank the Mule: Also called Frankie Boy, Champwan's favorite mule, which he used to carry things in the mule's chests. It lived for the last half of the season, and was still in Champwan's Stable in the end of it.

Nadeshot's HorseEdit

-Noodleshoots: Noodleshoots was Nadeshot's horse and one day while the wizards were building his Castle, they found him grazing in a field, so they returned him and tied him up at the castle. During one Purge someone stole the grey horse and it ended up at Sonja and Tucker's Stables. It then ended up in Tom's hands and he loved the horse. Noodleshoots' death is unknown.

Sonja's HorseEdit

-Salty: Sonja's horse originally did not have a name, as a prank someone named it "Salty", as another prank, someone named it "The D", so that she would be riding the D.

Tucker's HorseEdit

-Carl: Carl was a white horse, when Tucker saw that Tom had rebuilt his house on The North Star, he rode there and then back to his house on Carl. He dismounted the horse, walked around, and Carl walked right into the Cacti below.

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