Ianite's Creed is a book written by Andor. It was given to Jordan on his 13th episode of Season Two.

"Ianite's Creed" by Prince_ AndorEdit

As followers of Ianite, we do not adhere to any one institution. Nor do we view any belief system as the true path. Lady Ianite brings unity to the separated; balance to the wavering. For as long as the goddess leads us in these pursuits, we take her as the figurehead of an infinite, incomprehensible movement which the goddess would name "All That Is."

Our ideal is this: in the face of oppression, to offer calm negotiation; in the face of tyranny, to give mercy to our captors; in the face of death, to sacrifice ourselves, that flowers of guilt might bloom from our killers' bellies.

But there is a time, too, for nature to deal back the wounds it has received. There is a time, when a brother or sister ails at the hand of tyranny, to sever the hand at the wrist.

When rage boils in our blood and begs to spring, we will not block the throat of the volcano. We will rise, casting aside our ideals like a scorched garment, and overwhelm our oppressors with wrath.

We are not pacifists. Nor are we vindicators. We are nature. We are whatever balance demands. We are void and we are radiance at once. We are the healer. We are the warrior.

By acting on our purest convictions, we give hope to our goddess, who in despair wallows; whose heart matches the heart of the earth; whose breaths flutter and gasp like ours; whose steps wander realms untold, seeking what cannot be found, but only fought for. In jubilation we fight for her. In drawing our swords, we call her back. We say rise, Lady Ianite. Rise and reclaim your place in All That Is.

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