Season One Edit

Ianite's Scales of Justice was a large statue landmark located in the realm of Mianite in Season One. It was created by Jordan in order to show the presence of the goddess Ianite and her balance of power, justice, and neutrality in the land of Mianite. It was located on the valley floor below the Dianite cliff-temple built by Tom.

Made of netherrack, cobblestone materials, and birch wood the imposing structure could be seen from most of the inhabitants' houses. The base and arms of the statue were made of cobblestone. The balances had the Yin Yang symbol on each, and were made out of birch wood and netherack. The balances were held up by oak wood fences.

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Season Two Edit

In Season Two, the Ianite Taint Monster was holding the Scales, as she loomed above Dagrun. Later on in the season, Jordan and Wag had an idea to destroy the monster with dynamite. Martha warned them not to do it, but they proceeded anyway. The next day, the monster came back in a new, colossal beast and you could no longer tell that it was the beloved goddess.

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The Ianite Taint Monster holding the Scales.