Inspiration and Doubt popped up in the Season 2 Finale. They were played by Lady Krystine. They are two of the many Feelings in Mianite, along with Wisdom , Intuition , and Justice


Everyone's Doubts in the Season Two Finale :

  • They can't find their way. There's no hope. They can't do it."

Jericho's Doubts:

  • "You need help? Again? The usual?"
  • "A few jumps, save me!"

Sonja's Doubts:

  • "What do you think you're doing? You're not good enough to save anyone."
  • "You'll never find out how to keep going..."
  • "You can't do this... You can't save them."

Wag's Doubts:

  • "Do you fit in? Are you a part? Do they accept you?"
  • "You couldn't even keep a chicken safe. Some wizard..."
  • "Best builder in the land.. worst house."
  • "Please make one for me! I can't do it myself."
  • "Do you have a friend. Do you... really?"
  • "Martha loved Steve. You were a filler."
  • "No wonder she was always so empty inside."

Jordan 's Doubts: (Ianite)

  • "Why didn't you love me?"
  • "Why didn't you make the right choice?"
  • "You should have discorporated."

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