Intuition is one of the many of the powerful being in Mianite Season Two . Along side with  Justice , Wisdom , Inspiration and Doubt. Intuition the "feeling" or, quite obviously, intuition of the characters in Season 2 of Mianite. The origin of their intuition is unknown, and we can only trust that it isn't an outer force, influencing the moves of the characters. Intuition is one of the helping forces of the world, and is often called upon during a time of need (not to be confused with Wisdom) whether it be for advice (rarely), help on projects (a fair chance), or for items (like 99.99% of the time).

Sadly, in the finale Intuition died saving the yacht. He and Wisdom heroically held the world together to buy the heroes more time to wait for Tom. However since they're part of the streamers' minds they're technically still 'alive'.