Season One Edit

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Jardon's Rose as shown in Jordan's Vault

Jardon's Rose was given to Jordan By Captain Capsize.

In episode 64, Jordan was assigned to be a boatswain in the pirates's crew, and Capsize gave him the rose as an official Pirate team member, but some would say he was given the rose because Capsize secretly admired him. After that, they continued to hang out and develop their relationship, and so Jordan framed the rose on his vault wall near his bed.

In episode 70, Jordan found out that after the mission to rescue Ianite's heart in Ianarea, Capsize wrote Tom an appreciation letter, but he took it as a love letter. He tried winning Capsize back, but things got messy. Capsize took back the rose from his vault, and later on the episode, she returned it, and this time, it was named 'Jardon's rose', with a typo in the word 'Jardon'. That typo ended up with many of his fans and supporters calling him like that, and frequently, he calls himself that way as well.

A few episodes later, Jordan found out that someone stole 'Jardon's rose' from its item frame. He assumed it was Tom, due to him eating Nemo, and replacing him with 'Agent Newmo', but he never knew.

Season Two Edit

Jordan was gifted a rose that Martha gave to him to give to Ianite. later that day he was gifted "Jardons Rose" and he didn't even realize that he has had something like it many months before.