Evolutions of the RV Edit

In Mianite Season Two, Jordan was gifted an RV by Farmer Steve. Soon later he turned it into a boat aka "The Hover RV". He then boated everyone down the river and around the sea that surrounded the kingdom. He later took out the materials that made it a Hover RV and attached balloons to the top of it with the help of Tucker and Sonja. They then flew it around and nick-named it, "The Flyanite". The Flyanite was also the name of the ship in Season One

Inertia Prison Break Edit

Jordan Flew the Flyanite to get to Inertia. Aboard, he had Ianite, Wag, Tom, Sonja and Martha. After they rescued Farmer Steve and Andor, they ran into battle with many guards including, Guard Tom and that's when Guard Mark was killed.

Prison Break

A screenshot from Mama's boy's animation of the heroes before Guard Mark was killed.

They kept on running and hopped back into the RV and flew back home.


Jordan Flying Everyone Home after the Prison break.

The Such Cute OMG RV Edit

One day, Jordan wasn't on the Server so Sonja decided to "Pimp Out" the flyanite. She gathered pink balloons, purple and pink wood, purple banners, purple fences, a pink door, and rainbow blocks. Along with Wag's help, they turned just a normal RV into the cutest RV in all of Ruxomar.

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