The Town Of Katsir


A House In The Town Of Katsir

The Town of KatsirEdit

Katsir is a mysterious tribal town that was briefly introduced Season Two. It is the small town where Alyssa was born. Martha and Ianite both lived in Katsir at on point. When Ianite left and went into the end for 10 years. Martha left as well. Not much is known of the town, but it mysteriously burnt down overnight, Alyssa being one of the only survivor. When the heroes or The sky people and the wizard, travel to Katsir they met a character called Pam. She know Martha its not really told how she knows her . The hero have to make Pam an item called apira. If they made the item called the Apira Pam will tell them the next Crypt.

Lore about the Fire of KatsirEdit

It is yet to be determined if this is a fact or a theory

One day, Lady Ianite found the giant tree in the village of Katsir. Ianite fell in love with the tree's beauty and the fact that the tree had more quintessence than she. She would lay in the branches all day and eventually lived there with the tree. One day, the tree spoke to her. At first she was confused, but then the tree would speak more, and more, and evendually it spoke constantly. Ianite grew impatiant with the tree and wanted it to leave so she told it to move. "I haven't moved for for thousands of years, and you can't stay put for a moment," said the tree, "If you do not move a muscle for just a year, I will move." Ianite agreed and stayed put for an entire year. When Ianite woke up from her year long hybernation, she demanded that the tree moved. The tree said, "I did move, I grew." Ianite became enraged with the tree, picked up a fistful of air and threw it at the tree. The tree split and grew flames at the bottom roots. The flames grew and spread throughout the village of Katsir.