King Helgrind is the king of the town Dagrun. He gives orders to the Town Herald, making him do work for, what are sometimes, reasons unknown. King Helgrind has been described as "violent" by Andor, who is his son. The King has been unfair during trials and while deciding punishments for others. It was revealed by Chimalus on tumblr that his first name is Glede.

King Helgrind is a true Mianite devotee. He feels that Mianite is the true god of the world, as we learned from a book he wrote describing the rise of Mianite to power. Many members of the town fear the king, as they do not want to tell them who they really follow and, like Tom, be removed from the town. After his long journey he comes back to Dagrun finding out about Lieutenant Alistair's visit and Andor's betrayal. Never the less loyal to Mianite he rejected Andor's words watching Andor's arrest.

He is now called Apostle Helgrind after his arrival, not King Helgrind. Andor doesn't like Helgrind. Lieutenant Alistair is pretty much "Helgrind's Bitch." Just like Champwan was the "Priest's bitch" in season one.

He was later seen at the Inertia, as the heroes were trying to break Steve and Andor out, to which he confessed to seeing the light whilst he had been there. The following day, he was seen occupying Andor's old cell, where he was then banished to the top of the nether by Waglington (who was challenged by Sonja). He has decided to try to make a new life there, in hiding from Mianite. Dianite refuses to let him leave his imprisonment in the nether due to Helgrind's betrayal to his family.

Later Andor sent the heroes to find Helgrind and bring him back to the overworld and find the last crypt. The heroes saw nightmares of their loved people and they went to Dagrun in the nightmare. The heroes discovered Helgrind in the nightmare Dagrun, but he acted strangely. His castle was made out of flesh and blood. Suddenly the castle turned to sand and collapsed, taking Helgrind with it, causing him to die from suffocation.

Family Edit

Helgrind is the son of Ianite and "Spark", CaptainSparklez's counterpart before his arrival to Dagrun. He was married to his loving and strong wife, Queen Freya (Deceased). He is the brother of Martha, and father to Andor and Princess Alva (Deceased).