Lieutenant Alister, or Lieutenant Al, is a loyal military Lieutenant for Mianite. He was sent to Dagrun to keep everyone in line and to make sure there would be no signs of rebellion toMianite. He seems to be invincible due to the possibility of creative mode and always has his rapier with him. He had a wife named MarieRose and a daughter named Amelia.

When Andor was giving a speech, and rebelled against Mianite, Lieutenant Al tried to stop him, but the gusts of wind from the Andor's words disabled him from getting close to Andor. After the Andor gave his final worlds in his confession speech, Lieutenant Al arrested him and took him to a prison somewhere that was unknown to the Heroes. He then burns and destroys the statue of Ianite built by Andor after taking him to his prison. He threatened to the heroes that the same would happen to them if they rebelled against Mianite.

Later he gave Jordan an offer, if Jordan cleared the taint out of Dagrun he would reward him with a rapier named Pivot of Balance. After Jordan cleared most of the taint, Lieutenant Al gave him the rapier.

The next day it is discovered that Lieutenant Al used to worship Ianite but she "Left when it went dark"

On Inertia Prison break, Lietenant Al finds Tucker and Martha escaping with Steve, so Al and the apple farmer battled, and Lieutenant Al was suddenly knocked uncontious and assumed dead. Later when the team have rescued Andor, Lieutenant Al joins the other guards in an attempt to stop the group from escaping.

Al is revealed to be one of the few guards still alive after meeting with the team, next to Guard Tom. Al reveals that Mianite should not be trusted, and that Mianite brings back the Mianite Guards as the undead, reusing them again and again. He wishes to see Guard Tom as he was one of the few guards that has survived the Inertia Prison Break.


Fan art of Al.