Llama Drama-0

Llama Drama is a longbow created by Waglington. This bow was one of the strongest bows in Mianite. The crafting recipe for "Llama Drama" is 2 Green Slime Bowlimbs, a Paper Large Plate and a Fiery Bowstring. The modifiers for the bow are a ball of moss and 150 redstone. The crafting recipe for it's arrows are a Manyullyn Arrow Head, a Bone Tool Rod and a Green Slime Fletching. The modifiers for the arrows are 192 quartz and a ball of moss.

Throughout the series, Llama Drama has been known to 'one-shot' several people in Mianite. Even with their Earth Chestplate and Battle-Mage armor, it could still pierce through them in one shot. The power of this bow was demonstrated during the first purge of Mianite Season Two, when Tom stole it from Waglington's grave.
Wag's lmama arrows