Lord Brokkr or just Brokkr is a character that appeared in the Season One finale and Twisted's Mianite Aftermath Series . His official twitter account is @Lrd_Brokrr ran by Twisted

Brokkr was first seen when the heroes arrive at the gates to Ianite's Temple.

He said,"you the first to try to save my queen in a while so does that mean that there were others?"

He then goes on to say that he has not "seen another man in centuries."

Tom then goes on to ask can we come in. Brokkr shouts "NO!!!"

He then rides on Tom's shoulders because his legs were sore. They took him to their ship and when they left him alone, Brokkr stole the ship

Aftermath Edit

As of the first episode, Brokkr returned to the realm of Mianite but was caught by Twisted. He let Twisted sleep on the boat with him but then abandoned him in the morning.