On October 2, 2016 Matt Offical Left The Wizards

Matthew Needler (in-game name iFirez or FireDragon04) is a prominent wizard in the realm of Mianite who is the co-owner and founder of "The Contractors", also known as FyreUK . He is best known outside the Realm of Mianite for his work with Phil Southam, the other co-owner of FyreUK . Needler, along with the FyreUK build team, build huge Minecraft maps, cities, scenes, and structures, posting them as timelapses on FyreUK's youtube channel at

He, alongside Phil Southam and Tom Beer, joined the Realm of Mianite on the 45th day of Syndicate as "The Contractors" who construct buildings for diamonds.

It has been confirmed that the Wizards follow no god, as the power balance in the world would be significantly altered. However, they harnessed their powers from Athar in which whom they worship and where their powers came from.

He, along with all the other wizards, has appeared in Season 2, along with the other wizards (excluding Waglington) he has streamed Mianite and posted it to his youtube channel FyreUK.

In his series, it is revealed that Prince Andor has given the wizards land that they can build on. However, when they start their series, the tower is a bunch of rubble with a mysterious crystal on top and the wizards had no idea how it had happened, or how they had become powerless.

As the story is developed, it turns out that Matt was testing a new spell he had received from hooded men when it went wrong, and the wizards lost everything. To get their powers back they had to make offerings diamond blocks to the Tower Heart.

After offerings, Matt and the other Wizards (minus Wag) went away for two weeks. After reappearing, they gave a tour of their new tower. For the episodes afterwords, Matt, Phil, and Tom worked on their Wizardly town.

So far, their town has the Wizard's Tower, the Main house, separate houses (one for each Matt, Phil, and Tom) the stables, the farm & windmills, the Tavern, the River, and currently in progress, the town center.

All of the episodes on FyreUk's youtube channel are from Matt's point of view, number 17 (A heroic visit) is when the Wizards and Hero's first meet. Matt spends the early part of this video walking around, and updating the sub wall before meeting the heros.

Matt is the wizard of fire, and the trouble maker. Because of his relation to fire, Anything belonging just to Matt often has red and orange in it. He is also known for his odd names for his weapons and tools, such as The Needler. Another thing he is teased for is his singing voice.