- Outside: Mianite's Outpost was a building in Mianite, Season Two. It was made of prismarine blocks, prismarine bricks, dark prismarine and other blocks. In the center garden stood a prismarine statue of a horse.

- Inside: On the inside of the Mianite's Outpost, it is filled with High-tech looking blocks from different mods and even 3D maps.


After Guard Tom tried to kill Tom for revenge for killing his coworker, Guard Mark. Jordan told the guard that they would let him go if he showed the team where he got his back-up from. Guard Tom agreed and took them to the Mianite Outpost. To their surprise, the outpost was abandoned but they looked around anyway. Because of it being abandoned, The Sky People used it as a way to keep track of where The God's crypts are through messaging the headquarters, who did not know of the outpost being abandoned. To help the team, Guard Tom would send "reports" to the headquarters so that they didn't get suspicious of them, the guard also let Jordan impersonate him a Few times.

On the Season Two Finale, after Guard Tom was killed by Tucker and many of Mianite's zombie guards were killed, a pit was opened up below the Giant Horse in the center garden. Then, The Sky People, along with Andor, Dianite, Martha, Mot and Wag jumped into it, and then Mianite Season Two ended.

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