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Mot_Screziato, usually referred to as just Mot, is Tom's counterpart in the Season Two universe. He was first mentioned by Spirit_Dianite, and was described as being a shrewd businessman[1]. Mot was also suggested to have "thought Dianite more than on friendly terms" by Martha. However it has been revealed by the actress who plays Mot that him and Dianite are currently in a relationship but this in no way relates to the series of Mianite.

It is said that Mot has two weaknesses, one being Dianite and the other being "The Girl" and now is confirmed to be Alyssa aka Sonja's alternative self. It has been said by Martha that Mot is sick with a disease that made him look like a Creeper. Depending on how determined Mot may be, he may very well attempt to resurrect his Dark Lord Season One from his death. Much like how in Season Two, Tom will most likely follow through on Dianite's resurrection Season Two. This will most likely cause a shift in power that Spark's group set out to balance.

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On Jordan 86th Season Two stream. Mot accidentally ends up back in the world of Ruxomar through one of Deviser Gaines's portals, much to his and Dianite's delight.

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Dianite Edit

Mot is the champion of Dianite in the Season Two world, and one of his business partners. Dianite saved his life by stopping the spread of the creeper spores Mot was infected with after an attack on his village when he was younger. Mot first became a follower of Dianite when he was 16 years old[2].

Tom Edit

When they first met, they were very suspicious about each other. So, Tom challenged Mot to a duel to see who was the best fighter, as Mot was Dianite's best warrior. But, now they both are getting along as they are on the same team.

Alyssa Edit

At the age of 20, Mot adopted a 3 year old named Alyssa after her town of Katsir mysteriously burnt down overnight, and she was the last survivor. Alyssa now calls Mot "Daddy" and she calls Dianite "Uncle Dianite" or "Dia."


References Edit

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