Observation Bots or  "Goggle Bots" were discovered in Episode 56 of the second season of Mianite. First mentioned by Dianite, these robots are completely invisible except for their goggles. The Goggle Bots are spotted watching the town in multiple spots. Every time anyone would see one, it would disappear as soon as someone noticed it. In episode 57 of the second season of Mianite, the observation bot speaks in binary. The "Goggle Bots" are suspected to be Mianite's robots, spying on the town. It has been told by Dianite that a way to fry them would be to pour any type of substance all over them, to fry out their circuits.

It is later revealed that these Bots are created by the mysterious Deviser_Gaines as a way to watch over and research the Heroes for himself and Mianite. The Architect or Deviser left his pair of Goggles on one of the Observation Bots before sending them out and this has sent the crew crazy. The Deviser appears in the 81st Episode of Season II (Jordan POV) and reveals that he created these Bots and has trying to gain contact with the heroes.

Sightings Edit

The first time the Observation Bots were seen was by Jordan in episode 55 of Season Two of Mianite, while he was in the cave Martha was scared of, Although Dianite was the first to speak of them.

In episode 56 then 57 of Season Two of Mianite, the observation bots are seen again. This time Wag sees them too. However, Guard Tom still believes that Jordan is crazy. Jordan attempts to catch an Observation Bot using a Cloud in a Bottle, but fails as the bot escapes. Waglington decides to go with a softer approach, asking him nicely for expwanations, and the bot responds but Tucker started seeing the Goggles as well. Martha is also believed to have seen the Observation Bot. Jordan decides to prank Sonja, the first time he tried getting a taglock out of her and frame the bot, and in the second time he appeared in her basement invisible with the goggles, and then used the Nvidia sword and crashed her. Tucker with all the skill he possessed, killed it, thus becoming Observation Bot itself. Although, a new Observation Bot was sighted in a later episode by Jordan.

After hours of tediously striking the air Tucker finally kills an Observation Bot and occasionally wears its skin in pride.

Apparently, they are also "immortal," because they respawn a bit later after they have been killed. Just To Note it never said Tucker Killed Observation Bot; so we do not know if it really died.