On episode 17 of Season One on Tucker decided to prank his girlfriend, Sonja He asked his stream what to do, they suggested, making it into a TNT run, put her house inside of Tom's house or make her house into a giant snowman and make her on an adventure.

The Prank Edit

(Note: this all happened when Borris the 2nd was alive)

Getting the Supplies Edit

He made a few shovels and began his adventure. First he went through a few portals to get to a snow biomes and collected almost two stacks of snow blocks. He collected some pumpkins an wood, found Sonja's house and began constructing the giant snowman.

The Construction Edit

Tucker decided to only snowman-ify the front entrance of Sonja's House. He used most of his snow blocks but hardly got any of the house done, so he had to g all the way back to the snow biomes to get more blocks though he decided just to make a snow generator using a snow golem aka Borris. The golem proceeded to escape his cage and ignored orders, then he escaped again, so Tucker made Borris the 3rd. As Tucker built the snowman Borris the 2nd climbed back up the mountain, came in the door... then left again. He gave the snowman an acacia wood nose, glow stone eyes and coal buttons. The next day he gave it arms and a mouth.

The Reveal Edit

On Tucker's episode 18, Sonja logged on to a "You Died" Screen. It turners out She had logged out inside of where he built the snowman. She was mad that he got rid of her waterfall and stairs, but she didn't really seem to mind the snowman.

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