"Our Awakening is a book written by Waglington which was found by Jordan in Season 1 episode 62 (his perspective) in the Pyramid of the Sand King (whom had been slain the Wizards). It details the events directly after the Wizards gained their God-like abilities.

Our Awakening by Waglington Edit

Our ritual worked… Only there was no battle, no god… just searing pain, bright light and a man screaming in despair. Then black. As I began to regain consciousness I could feel power coursing through my body, the very energy of life itself in my veins, the knowledge of a million lives stored in my mind. My brothers and I took sometime to regain our feet. Then we noticed it. A skeleton stood against the back wall of our ritual chamber, clad in faded golden robes. A voice echoed in my mind

“My power, you have taken, as I took it from the previous owner.”

Could this be… the skeleton?

“You are not Gods. If you use this power for evil, understand they WILL destroy you, as they did me”

What Gods? Who are these Gods that could rival this power?

“Do not anger the Gods, wizards. For you will pay a terrible terrible price if you do.”

And with that, the skeleton crumbled into dust. My brothers and I were shaken yet confused. Was this real? Or was it a trick to stop us from using our power freely? We stepped out of the chamber into the blazing sunshine and began to experiment with our power. Not Gods? We rose into the sky, birds without wings and struck down the chamber with balls of raging fire. Not Gods you say? We shall see about that. My brothers and I have gained a power far greater than anything a lowly God could possess. If we have to strike them down to prove our worth, then so be it. Firstly we need a new home. Then we go to war.

The Wizards are coming.

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