Ryley Wan, better known by his aliases Champwan, The Priest's Bitch, and Champ, is one of the inhabitants in the Realm of Mianite. He was one of the first players, and was known to be OP.

Season One Edit

Champwan was invited to the server by Declan, his friend, who wanted Champwan as his "slave". On his first two days, he built a secret base. In the beginning, he did many trolls, including the cake prank on Tom, an ice troll on Tucker, fake TNT trolls, and numerous chicken trolls. He also helped the players in many ways by building the Community Farm, his Village, and his stable, which would often be used.

During the first two purges, Champwan slayed everyone out without dying. Later in the season, he wasn't seen often, since he was mostly doing his own thing. He built another house, created roads around the main area, and also created another stable.

Season Two Edit

During Season Two, Champwan mostly only did things with the priest, and wasn't involved in the story line.

After logging on to the realm in a little while he found out that Tom took up residence in his base and 'borrowed' his resources. So, he claimed a little island near Tom's land and made his new base there. He had a imbued sword doing 54 attack damage and acquired 'boots of the traveler' that increased his jump and speed. The only mod he was really good at was Thaumcraft.

Pets Edit

Kurio Tenshi - Champwan's favorite horse, who was killed by a creeper when Tom "borrowed" it for a ride.

Jim Bob - a small pet slime Champwan found in his secret base. When he tried to move it somewhere else, he drowned.

Frank the Mule - also called Frankie boy - Champwan's loyal mule, which he used to carry things. It lived for half of the season, and was still in Champwan's stable in the end.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Sharp SensesEdit

Champwan has sharpened senses that allow him to detect invisible people with his ears and eyes, and predict their movements. It also raises his aim to a high level where he rarely misses a shot.

Accuracy and Precision Edit

Champwan is expert on using bows and arrows which allows him to grab easy kills from afar.

The Divine HandsEdit

Champwan is attuned to great flows of fate, also known as "The Feels", Champwan, after so many training, has mastered "The Feels", and using his "Divine Hands" he increases his enchanting luck, giving him reasonably good enchantments on his items.