Previously Season Two

-Season three is not being worked on in any shape or form, this article is only for documentation purposes- Edit

Season Two Finale Edit

At the end of the Season 2 Finale, the four heroes, Wag, Dianite, Martha, and Mot jumped into a portal at Mianite's Outpost with the Deviser's help. Andor also jumped but didn't survive the fall as described in Chimalus' "The clear sky hermit"

Where is Season Three? Edit

As of august 2017, X33N Has recently given us an official word that Season Three is not currently happening.

"S3 is not a thing. The quote from me is from Dec. 2015. Production on S3 stopped early 2016. Since then there have been plenty of indications and outright statements that it's not happening. Almost the entire group has stopped playing Minecraft, there's now an awkward breakup dynamic, and none of them have time to dedicate two hours/day. I love you guys for being fans, but it really is time to stop hoping for an official thing here. "

The official MianiteMMO tumblr has also stated that : "Season Three is not happening. Sorry."

Rumors throughout the years Edit

There have been many instances where the Mianite crew has been confirming and talking about Season 3, though most details are still unknown.

  • Declan Pitts officially announced Season Three of Mianite at i56. It was confirmed that season three would be modded, with Dec excitedly revealing that there would be dinosaurs.
  • Tom tweeted that if he got 100,000 retweets on his tweet something would happen about Season three, nothing has followed up that tweet so far.
  • He has also confirmed in many vlogs, (here, here and here as examples) that there will be a season 3 of Mianite.
  • Sparkles uploaded a video on February 21st, titled, "Where is Mianite Season 3?" Full info in the video, for summary:
    • There is still no set date for Mianite Season Three
    • Tom has decided to step away from gaming for a while and go to vlogging, so that has set them even farther back.
    • He is not part of any decision-making group so that is not up to him.
  • Even though FyreUK dismantled, Tom (Killer Tom) is mostly open to coming back and playing in future seasons.
  • Blockworks has mentionned working on the MMO map at the recent minecon 48minutes into their panel.
  • In November 2016, Sparklez released another vlog where he mentioned that Season 3 didn't look like it was going anywhere 6 minutes in, he repeated that he doesn't have anything to do with the development and that he doesn't know more than we do.
  • A video compilation of every time Syndicate talked about Mianite during one of his stream was released, basically saying nobody has time to work on Mianite anymore but if the formula changed it could be possible in the future. Here is the video.
  • James White tweeted a release date for Season 3, his tweet was joined by a picture of him and Dec as proof. It said "Mianite Season 3 shall be dropping soon between today and 11/08/17 but potentially next 24hrs, get notifications on here. @16bitDec" but it has yet to be confirmed and for the season to be released.

According to x33n Edit

"One thing you really have to keep in mind is that this sub really, really likes to feed off its own spin cycle. It goes something like this:

  • Someone says that Tom said in chat that he was burned out on Minecraft.
  • Someone repeats in a new thread after that Tom is burned out, and several people agree they've heard that too.
  • New threads, more people repeating what they've heard. Eventually it's 'common knowledge' that Tom is burned out on Mianite and doesn't want to play Minecraft now.
  • [Repeat for S2 was a total failure]
  • [Repeat for S3 isn't going to happen]
  • [Repeat for Mianite fandom is dying]
  • [Repeat for MMO problems]
  • etc.

We have a tendency to get to feel like we personally know the streamers we watch, but the reality is they have lives and discussions and things we don't see that's not their public face. That faux familiarity means that we read much more into off handed comments and what is (or isn't) being said, than what we really have any actual idea of.

Here's the things that are verifiably true:

  • S3 is being made.
  • Dinosaurs, apparently.

Everything else being discussed: that it's delayed, X streamer or Y streamer aren't interested, and all the other "I know what the streamers are thinking / feeling / discussing amongst themselves" type comments, are unsourced rumors relating back to that one time that one streamer said that one comment in that one stream.

It's coming. Could be soon, could be awhile. That's all that has been said for us to go off of right now."

End quote."