Skipper Redbeard also known as Skipper is one of the Four Pirates on Mianite. Skipper was in the band of pirates that arrived in Mianite from Ianarea being second to Capsize.  

His official Twitter is @SkipperRedBeard is twitter is ran by Twisted and used for his Mianite Aftermath Series.

 He and Capsize went back to Ianarea with Tom, Jordan, Sonja and Tucker to return the heart of Ianite.  

He was later discovered to be Capsize brother. 

When Jordan and Capsize started their relationship he supported it fully, and even gave Jordan a puffer fish to give to Capsize which was apparently her favorite fish. 

At the temple of Dianite, he confronts Furia who taunts him and asks for the heart, when he says he does not have it, Furia turns around and kills Capsize on the spot and sends her to where Ianite is imprisoned.  

Saddened by his sister's death and imprisonment he and the heroes from the land of Mianite go back to Ianarea to seek help from Ianite, He and Jordan are offered a choice, Ianite brings back Capsize as a different person, or come and save her and Ianite, He and Jordan decide to save her, so he is told by Ianite where the last place Ianite was and then made preparations to get there. He later brought supplies to Mianite to build airships to get to where his sister and Ianite were imprisoned Later when his sister came back altered as a zombie, he volunteered to be the one to end her. He wished the adventurers farewell, saying he would stay to save his sister's death place. And he stays there to this day.