Season One Edit

The term ''Sky People'' refers to the characters from Mianite Season One transplanted from the original Realm of Mianite to Ruxomar in the great months-long fall that began in the finale of Season One. These are Sonja, Tucker, Tom and Jordan. Though when Wag joined the main players, the just called him "The Wizard." Everyone's full title being; "The Sky People, and The Wizard.

Season Two Edit

In the Mianite Season Two finale, they jumped again though this time they included, Jordan, Sonja, Tucker, Tom, Wag, Martha, Andor, Mot and Dianite. So in Season Three, all nine may be called "Sky People."
Mianite fanart free falling by bubumagoo-d8gaehh

Fan-art of The "Sky People" falling for ten years in between Season One and Season Two