Team Mianite

Season One Edit

- Mianite: Mianite was the first known god in the realm.

- Dec: Declan is the loyal high priest of Mianite.

- Sonja: Firefox has followed Mianite since her first day on the server, mostly because her boyfriend, Jericho follows him.

- Tucker: Jericho was Mianite's first follower.

- Champwan: Champwan is the Priest's B*tch and follows Mianite as Dec does.

- Lieutenant Al: Lieutenant Al is a loyal servant of Mianite.

Season Two Edit

- Guard Tom (formerly): Guard Tom worked at The Inertia for Mianite, though by the end of the series he had followed, Dianite, Ianite and finally, The Shadows.

- King Helgrind: King Helgrind ruled Ruxomar, and was very strict about who followed which god. If you didn't follow Mianite, you were punished, sometimes even by death.

- The Town Herald: The Town Herald is part of Ruxomar, and follows Mianite the same as his King does.

- Deviser Gaines: Deviser Gaines, "DG" for short, worked at The Inertia, and follows Mianite strongly.

- DG worker: DG worker is forced to follow Mianite.

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