Mianite Temple 1

Mianite Temple

The Mianite Temple is a huge temple originally built by TheTwistedGuy & other Hyperion Build Team members. It is made mostly with quartz blocks, many gold blocks, and some lapiz blocks. There are two huge gladiator-like statues outside holding swords, and a huge garden surrounding the temple. Inside, there is a wall that had signs saying the following:

Mianite Temple signs

Sparklez reading the signs inside of The Mianite Temple

Welcome to the Temple of Mianite! Here you will find many answers to your questions! You may also reach out to your god! At the back of the Eagle one will find an altair in which you can deposit a written book to the god.

It also contained Mianite's throne, with a statue of an eagle behind it, and an altair behind that. There are some gardens and fountains in various places inside the palace. The ceiling had the painting "Creating of Man" on it.

Plot Edit

Lord Mianite returns to his motherland in a meteor bringing along with him a "small" building he likes to call his palace. What could this mean?

Mianite gave a book to Jordan on the Temple that had coordinates to a prison where Ianite was held captive. Before breaking out, she left a message and a code.

Ianite's lock

Sparklez looking at Ianite's lock before entering the code

Later, a path was opened underneath the eagle statue, which had a lock which could only by activated using the code that Ianite left. When Jordan entered the code, we was given The Ianite Armor and the Bow of Ianite.

The Temple was destroyed when Dianite stacked hundreds of TNT blocks within the imposing structure. Dianite's most loyal follower Tom pulled the lever that ignited the TNT resulting in a huge explosion that destroyed the front and sides of the building as well as the two guardians. The explosion also sent stray TNT blocks out in all directions resulting in the coast and the path leading to Sonja and Tucker's house being damaged.

Tucker asked The Wizards if they would rebuild the Mianite Temple but they refused as it was a gift from Mianite himself.

Season 2 Edit

In Season Two Mianite owned Inertia and the Mianite's Outpost. In the Season 2 Finale, the heroes jumped into a portal under the giant horse statue that lead to the void. These two buildings served as Mianite's Temples in Season Two.

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