Terminus Est is a powerful Scythe weapon crafted by Mianite and was first seen in episode 97 of Season 2. It would have been given to Jordan if he accepted a contract and allied with Mianite. The weapon was stronger than the Price of Betrayal. Jordan asked for the "Looting X" enchantment to be added as well but Mianite declined. 

The Terminus Est is forged by combining 2 Desichalkos tough tool rods, 1 Desichalkos tough binding and 1 Desichalkos scythe head with modifiers of 11 obsidian plates, 11 necrotic bones, 11 Obsidian&EnderPearls, 450 lapis and 4464 quartz . This uses 96 modifiers 

Terminus Est is Latin for "the end is".